About Elite One SPA

One of the best sensual massages in Montreal

As the most distinguished Elite One Spa offers an experience for our clients and not just an ordinary massage. A breathtakingly glamorous selection of hostesses—of your specific choosing—awaits you.

Luxurious and relaxing rooms offer you the tranquillity and ambience that can’t be found anywhere else. Make your massage all about you, the experience and your needs with passionate hostesses that will exceed your expectations and help you ease your stresses while enabling a mental and physical escape that you’ve never experienced before. Unwind and sooth aching muscles and stress away with an unmatched massage that will leave you breathless.

Elite One Spa features the most attractive and stunning of all hostesses, offering the best massages to be found in Montreal. Our hostesses come from all ethnical backgrounds and feature salacious looks and an affluent attitude—focused solely on you and your needs while you are visiting.
Perceive the pleasure of letting go while letting your body and mind relieve the pressures of your chaotic life. The Body to Body is devotedly prized by sensual massage enthusiasts the world-over as the definitive reference of all sensual, naturist massages.
Elite One Spa is the perfect place to enjoy the Soft touch experience in montreal. Our divine massage services are so memorable through the unique way in which our sensual gems effortlessly blend influences from ancient tantric massage forms with the exclusive art of rejuvenation, providing you an exceptional dimension.
Want more try our love triangle therapy. The most lavish sensory overload, Love Triangle is a mesmerizing sequence of your choice of massage featuring two stunning ladies, massaging, caressing and stroking your entire body in unison.
An invitation to soapy waters where sensual caresses will glide through the warm relaxing rainfall while your mind escapes reality… It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Open 7 days out of 7

  • 30 minutes

    • Two Hands - 40 $
    • Four Hands - 80 $
  • 45 minutes

    • Two Hands - 50 $
    • Four Hands - 100 $
  • 60 minutes

    • Two Hands - 60 $
    • Four Hands - 120 $


For a chance to join us

Always looking for new talented girls.

Elite One Spa is currently recruiting New Hostesses. If you are 18 years old and over, have a beautiful appearance as well as a beautiful personality, fill out this form or call us at 514 543 8344.

  • Unlimited training
  • A safe and happy place to work
  • Privacy and respect
  • Flexible hours adapted to you and your goals